i'm sooooo tired...
MOHAMMAD NOR HAKIM 20 horas atrás
This song reminds me of my ex, I miss her so much :)
GirlAboveYou 20 horas atrás
My soul needs Anne Marie to cover this😍
mxrcuriie シ
mxrcuriie シ 20 horas atrás
y'all brpost.info/ex/d6iffKNn1bSr2bqH/video.htmlelcom :)
V Ara
V Ara 20 horas atrás
Jimmy ATX ALL DAY 20 horas atrás
Weak Af
ILAND BABIES 21 hora atrás
this music video is effortless,but the music is masterpiece
ain 21 hora atrás
conan gray should make a haircut
Posey taylor
Posey taylor 21 hora atrás
Lauv,Lany,Jeremy Zucker,Role Model,Conan Grey,Ruel,Claire Rosinkranz these are my vibes 💜💜💜💜
허영문 21 hora atrás
Yohann MODULE 5000
Yohann MODULE 5000 21 hora atrás
I like me better when the quarantine is gone.
Tiana 21 hora atrás
I don't know what expression to feel while listening to the song
Tiana 21 hora atrás
It feels like my boyfriend which I never I had ❤️😌
robin son
robin son 21 hora atrás
Give him grammy
Ashna KJ
Ashna KJ 21 hora atrás
This song makes me believe in love
jikook 13
jikook 13 21 hora atrás
jikook and lauv just heaven 🤍
Alessandra Leope ♡
Alessandra Leope ♡ 21 hora atrás
this is the first lauv song that I listened to, and this is also what made me a fan of him :))
Jay is hot Mama
Jay is hot Mama 22 horas atrás
I Came here because lauv voice is so lovelyly♡
Pabst man
Pabst man 22 horas atrás
This sounds like a jonas brothers song from 2008
洪哪恩 23 horas atrás
I like me better when Jaehyun sing this song
Pebbles 23 horas atrás
Aye sha
Aye sha 23 horas atrás
The way Conan says 'lies' 😩💕
Akansha 23 horas atrás
Not easy at all
Via Ristiani
Via Ristiani 23 horas atrás
I'm scrolling for the lyrics
Oreeoo 121
Oreeoo 121 23 horas atrás
imagine u were hug like that by someone that u love with a warm heart and full of loves. . . . Just imagine it
Hemanthi Deepak Kannan
Hemanthi Deepak Kannan Dia atrás
"paris in the rain" Immediately remembers the umbrella scene from miraculous
Maggie Dia atrás
0% bad worde 0% drug 0% pron 100% telent
Oreeoo 121
Oreeoo 121 Dia atrás
4 months later this songs turned 1 years . . . And im still stuck in the house,, chillin with this song,missin my friend,trying to find a way to get up,, and still a 'modern loneliness' :(
ponyo Dia atrás
Ya pero ¿Por qué en latam no hacen música así? Está canción es alta joya ¡!
Akayee Hsu
Akayee Hsu Dia atrás
Let's road to 10M guys please
Lanah Kettavong Thao
Lanah Kettavong Thao Dia atrás
lauv is superior
Una Persona
Una Persona Dia atrás
I loved it ♥ ️
Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung Dia atrás
Fan of both lauv and bts😍 💜
Ethiopian Tiktok
Ethiopian Tiktok Dia atrás
Bazzi Also watched this video 😁😂
南俊 joonie tiny boy
南俊 joonie tiny boy Dia atrás
conan 😆😆 and lauv 👍
Opa Com licença bae 🦋 Meu marido tá indo arrasar! (Conan😚💅)
Pame JM13
Pame JM13 Dia atrás
Amo está canción.
Status Craft Nikhil
Status Craft Nikhil Dia atrás
You should collab with HRVY
Iris J
Iris J Dia atrás
I’m lonely
Alicia贝壳 Dia atrás
You're so fkg FAKE!!! 🎶 😂
Kirtan Khasiya
Kirtan Khasiya Dia atrás
this guy dont need any autotune
Jacinth Pilapil
Jacinth Pilapil Dia atrás
I love this old couples
Vivian Rossmery
Vivian Rossmery Dia atrás
Officially K i a n
Officially K i a n Dia atrás
There's no song that Lauv put the fuck in it it's not complete to him
Elaine Trinidad
Elaine Trinidad Dia atrás
One of my faves! won't get tired listening to this song 💖💖💖
Crislian Oliveras
Crislian Oliveras Dia atrás
Love this song so much !!!! can’t stop listening to it, just amazing!!!
Nikhil Gambhir
Nikhil Gambhir Dia atrás
When the real you is back, I'll pickup my phone ❤️❤️❤️
Bhoomi Yadav
Bhoomi Yadav Dia atrás
Doesn't it sound like BTS airplane pt.2
GoForThePro 10
GoForThePro 10 Dia atrás
I always thought he was saying, “I sleep for a long time”🤦🏼 0:42
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo Dia atrás
🎵I really wanna Love Somebody🎵
Parth Das
Parth Das Dia atrás
Why does it look like Nokia's logo xd
Angelia Stella
Angelia Stella Dia atrás
Listening to this song in the last days of October when June feels like it was only days away is a real vibe :/
Jocel Gumonit
Jocel Gumonit Dia atrás
Gen-Z's Anthem <3
BelowMello Official
BelowMello Official Dia atrás
When's the full song release??? I CANT WAITTTTT !!!
BelowMello Official
BelowMello Official Dia atrás
I've been listening to this since the release. AHHHH I CANT WAIT FOR THE FULL SONG!!
not Josephine
not Josephine Dia atrás
BRpost: "click to start blocking ads" Me: **turn off annotations** BRpost:😑
Natty Angel
Natty Angel Dia atrás
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson Dia atrás
I like me better with Jesus!
Hi Jhoe
Hi Jhoe Dia atrás
Amo que conan tenga el conocimiento que merece ❤️ estoy desde el 2018 estoy tan emocionada 😭😭❤️
Racheal Carly
Racheal Carly Dia atrás
This has become one of my favorite songs
Bruce Kim
Bruce Kim Dia atrás
he say bad words
familylife gote
familylife gote Dia atrás
I really like all your song..💓💓👌👍
Eworitse Desire
Eworitse Desire Dia atrás
세민 Dia atrás
제발 내한해줘 라우브 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
JH B Dia atrás
thank you for the beautiful music. memory
Just Being Kamsi Ikegbunam
Just Being Kamsi Ikegbunam Dia atrás
yes i love them both xoxo
Brenda Cajo
Brenda Cajo Dia atrás
Diria q el 2020 a sido el peor año pero ofenderia a esta esta cancion hermosa y tmbn dinamyte ,asi q no 2020 fue un año de musica 👌❤
Jazmín Hernández
Jazmín Hernández Dia atrás
Life is a rainbow
Life is a rainbow Dia atrás
A beautiful song
Simon Ball
Simon Ball Dia atrás
One of the most relevant songs of 2020.......
Naomi Mendes
Naomi Mendes Dia atrás
Alguien abla español, reportense
Silvana Dia atrás
Conan Gray is my crush! <3
Silvana Dia atrás
Sure Lorelle!
Lorelle Mutyaba
Lorelle Mutyaba Dia atrás
Hey :) I posted a cover of fake by Conan grey & lauv on my channel I would really appreciate it if you could check it out, I hope you have an amazing day ☺️
Damien Soul
Damien Soul Dia atrás
So amazing
J Y Dia atrás
Lauv should make an album where each song is titled after a city followed by "in the rain" Like Amsterdam in the rain Seoul in the rain New York in the rain Etc...
Trustfrated passion
Trustfrated passion Dia atrás
His songs are in some BTS edits and now he collaborated with them- it’s just something to think about.
Diane Jones
Diane Jones Dia atrás
Relationship goal ❤️👑❤️ find the one and spend the rest of time making it work 😎😎🤜🤛
Maria Encinas
Maria Encinas Dia atrás
thanks for your music...
aaron jeshurun
aaron jeshurun Dia atrás
This hits me every single time! :)