Nolan Rotz
Nolan Rotz 11 horas atrás
Mach l think
Hazel Mae XD
Hazel Mae XD 11 horas atrás
CRL 2021 Has New Language Called Filipino.
Hazel Mae XD
Hazel Mae XD 11 horas atrás
CRL 2021 Welcomes NEW Roster For ONIC PH, Boom Esports, Geek Fam, TNC Predator, Cignal ULTRA, Smart Omega.
AsianFireLion 12 horas atrás
d4nideus 12 horas atrás
Q buenos recuerdos
MALPICA YT 16 horas atrás
ʝɨʀǟʏǟ ֆɨռֆɛɨ
ʝɨʀǟʏǟ ֆɨռֆɛɨ 18 horas atrás
Congrats Mohammed, Absolutly u deserve the Trophy 🏆 💪
Сергей Алексеев
Сергей Алексеев 18 horas atrás
金のバターロール 18 horas atrás
金のバターロール 18 horas atrás
5 of the Top 8 are from CRL East
Mr. Charm Caster
Mr. Charm Caster 18 horas atrás
Proud of u Mohammed Light 💖
Zet Salazar
Zet Salazar 19 horas atrás
Miniminter THE BEST
Alberto Perez
Alberto Perez 19 horas atrás
Ese bombas locas no ha sentido el poder mexicano. No va a durar nada en CRL.
Piyush Keshan
Piyush Keshan 20 horas atrás
Mohammed Light was really OP
Refi Firrizqi
Refi Firrizqi 20 horas atrás
MVP : Miner
Heka YT
Heka YT 20 horas atrás
Mohamed is champion ?
Eduardo Dias Mazarro
Eduardo Dias Mazarro 20 horas atrás
Where is the predicted miner on fisherman to connect cannon cart on tower??? Was the best play in whole weekend!
Giảng Nhật Tân 2
Giảng Nhật Tân 2 20 horas atrás
Yeah it's probably a huge mistake for the administrator not to repost that moment
Mustafa Sattar
Mustafa Sattar 20 horas atrás
Mohamed is The Best
Lithish fuego FF
Lithish fuego FF 20 horas atrás
KIX LIGHT won it i didn't expect that
Mano Artur CR
Mano Artur CR 20 horas atrás
Oh man! This guys have The Mind!
Pitmonkey 20 horas atrás
This is the best
Derek Rodriguez Nieves
Derek Rodriguez Nieves 20 horas atrás
danoo0 00
danoo0 00 21 hora atrás
Kevin Colon
Kevin Colon 22 horas atrás
Que mal lo hace supercell Acaba de perder un suscriptor
Kevin Colon
Kevin Colon 22 horas atrás
Aquí los que quieren que regrese koyi
saed guerra
saed guerra Dia atrás
No puede ser esto es normal? Estoy en máster con 5192 osea casi al maestro 2 y dise que la temporada me va a bajar está 4596 osea que abajo de League 3 me va a bajar más de todo un League y si bajo de trofeos me sube ?? 😭😠😠😤🤔
Sulaeman Rosadi
Sulaeman Rosadi Dia atrás
Alex Holman
Alex Holman Dia atrás
Mohamed has such a douche bag deck. All small meta shit
Netzaid Mtz
Netzaid Mtz Dia atrás
La voz de ese vato es algo molesta jaja
LR 183
LR 183 Dia atrás
Israelz pro
Israelz pro Dia atrás
No lo hace bien peeo tampoco mal raegar
Spectrum BS
Spectrum BS Dia atrás
bryan aguirre
bryan aguirre Dia atrás
Y kojj ya no veré crl
Zen Krawczyk
Zen Krawczyk Dia atrás
furkan taş
furkan taş Dia atrás
Bir tane türk olmazmı yaa
Mustafa Birinci
Mustafa Birinci Dia atrás
Turnavaya nasıl katılıyo
FiletMignon62Garnished 2 dias atrás
Remember these days?
Camilo Nausa
Camilo Nausa 2 dias atrás
se tiraron el competitivo, si no era rentable antes mejor acabar con el competitivo que hacer esta presentación tan lamentable, mataron su propio juego
Alessandro Uriguen
Alessandro Uriguen 2 dias atrás
Why not a brawl stars tourny
Vishal Jaiswal
Vishal Jaiswal 2 dias atrás
Saul Acosta
Saul Acosta 2 dias atrás
Rhaegar, en la no tilt estabas muy prendido y ahora por que tan calladito?
مهند البغدادي
مهند البغدادي 2 dias atrás
No balance in this shit game, I know who is coming to win when I just see the deck of each player, all depends on luck, nothing more.
Brawlstars Gaming
Brawlstars Gaming 2 dias atrás
U need skill to make decks and where to place the cards
destiny Stopher
destiny Stopher 2 dias atrás
Dirty world.
Dirty world. 2 dias atrás
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 2 dias atrás
هههههه لعبة زبالة
All4wi_Gamer :]
All4wi_Gamer :] 2 dias atrás
كفو ومبروك الفوز لمحمد
Adlinks Outdoor Advertisers
Adlinks Outdoor Advertisers 2 dias atrás
Hi can you thech me 🤟🏻
Хищник 88
Хищник 88 2 dias atrás
Эмоджи дают за просмотр?
X zero
X zero 3 dias atrás
Please check my channel
X zero
X zero 3 dias atrás
Please check my channel
Shrinivas Khiste
Shrinivas Khiste 3 dias atrás
Isn't the Bracket messed up? Becomes really difficult for people who lose the first match
Quan Do van ư
Quan Do van ư 2 dias atrás
3:4 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝓖𝓮𝓮𝓶𝓼.from ᴄᴏᴄɢᴀɪɴ.ᴄᴏᴍ ⚙⚙⚙
Michael Manalang
Michael Manalang 3 dias atrás
wow the princenof Egypt is back! Egypt is proud of you Light!
ClashWChris 3 dias atrás
When will they nerf the hog 😩
sebastian villarreal
sebastian villarreal 3 dias atrás
Ee que pasa
Alvarado Escobar Hugo David
Alvarado Escobar Hugo David 3 dias atrás
Si no les gusta el juego y el formato de CRL, no lo vean y dejen de criticar. 🙄
DAVE Esports Plus
DAVE Esports Plus 2 dias atrás
Y la crítica es de quienes aman el juego y ven con indignación cómo están matándolo
DAVE Esports Plus
DAVE Esports Plus 2 dias atrás
¿Pero qué decís? Es lo que necesita Supercell para reaccionar. Fueron soberbios y les toca pagar el precio. Ellos no toleran disidencias
Luiz Salazar
Luiz Salazar 3 dias atrás
Ponete algo bonito Rhaegar vestite bien péinate estas en CRL HDP supercell
Meme Man
Meme Man 3 dias atrás
2:33:06 that hog rider
mt 3 dias atrás
Всегда мечтай туда попасть, Удачи, все равно не попадёшь туда))))
Lex Pullman
Lex Pullman 3 dias atrás
The problem with eq is there’s no good way to defend. Always gives damage and big spell value. Needs a nerf
Zakhyran Little
Zakhyran Little 3 dias atrás
Well if they make it do less than fireball it will make the spell so much less balanced with the other spells
Richard Álvarez
Richard Álvarez 3 dias atrás
Háganse un favor, cambien a Rahegargt
Richard Álvarez
Richard Álvarez 3 dias atrás
Cambien a Rahegargt...
Jonathan 3 dias atrás
Sabes que el juego esta mal cuando hasta arriba en el puntaje anda betfas y no morten
Mauro Benicio
Mauro Benicio 4 dias atrás
el audio aturde del nuevo caster
曹泓昱 4 dias atrás
1:55:58 🤔
Ahmad Tech
Ahmad Tech 2 dias atrás
النت فصل عندو اي مبيفصلش عندكم؟
arturo benitez
arturo benitez 4 dias atrás
Me encanta esta crl
ALEXCLASH TM 4 dias atrás
marcus yeam
marcus yeam 4 dias atrás
Anyone can proof KK 2nd game against Light Last card is GY. @ Clash Royale Esports If it is, then isnt KK getting DSQ even without playing it or it is fine as long as he does not use it?
Carter Thomas
Carter Thomas 4 dias atrás
It was graveyard. But I believe as long as you don’t play the card you are fine
الباشا حسوني Albasha hasone
الباشا حسوني Albasha hasone 4 dias atrás
Can I get a clan of my 4980 cups? I have donation cards and swap disks. Please send a tribe id to come
الباشا حسوني Albasha hasone
الباشا حسوني Albasha hasone 4 dias atrás
😄 Hii
Alvin A
Alvin A 4 dias atrás
You got some great english casters; But really messed up the spanish streams...
†Alejαиdяo† 4 dias atrás
Kamanus es el analítico de las partidas y lo hace perfecto, a raegar le falta emoción, esta todo muy plano... Aburrido.....
Max Lin
Max Lin 4 dias atrás
love it. thx for uploading
منوعات Noor
منوعات Noor 4 dias atrás
واووو (✪‿✪)
green crac
green crac 4 dias atrás
Que malo y aburrido el otro tipo jsjsjajs nunca me gusto sin ko no es lo mismo gracias supercell
Mohamed 2020
Mohamed 2020 4 dias atrás
We the egyptian the best.. Congratulations Mohamed light 💪😎❤️
Mohamed 2020
Mohamed 2020 4 dias atrás
The egyptian king is win ❤️😎💪
Mohamed 2020
Mohamed 2020 3 dias atrás
@Jean franklin Montesinos huayllani wtf..who is the Peruvian you mean ? The win someone from Egypt called Mohamed light 🇪🇬
Jean franklin Montesinos huayllani
Jean franklin Montesinos huayllani 3 dias atrás
The peruvian was win
Frank V
Frank V 4 dias atrás
So how did these players get chosen and is there a way to watch past games before Day 1? Haven’t kept up with this CRL too much
KFP 4 dias atrás
You can watch the monthly qualifier rounds of crl (the Swiss round/double round robin part) in the crl caster’s twitch channels. I know that Andrew and AC streamed in English (but not all parts). EB7 streamed every qualifier stage on twitch but it is in Spanish.
Honest Shao
Honest Shao 4 dias atrás
Top 1000 ladder players last month are qualified to register the monthly final. They are divided into four Swiss systems (11 rounds to play) and top 8 in each formed the monthly top 32. Then they are divided into 8 groups and four players in each group play against each other twice. Top 1 in each group formed monthly top 8, and only matches after this stage would be on stream. All matches are Bo3 duel mode
MrSalvajeS5 GRP
MrSalvajeS5 GRP 4 dias atrás
No parece crl y el casteo se escucha algo casual sin ganas
agrim gamer
agrim gamer 4 dias atrás
Astro corn
Astro corn 4 dias atrás
Keys go
Cosmic Heem CR
Cosmic Heem CR 4 dias atrás
I post clash royal content I would mean a lot if y’all could support thanks 🙏🏽