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twenty one pilots - arizona
Grecia Diamantina garsia guerrero
Grecia Diamantina garsia guerrero 54 minutos atrás
Me encanta la canción❤❤❤
Evelyn Six
Evelyn Six 55 minutos atrás
man these guys got shit
Sasuke Uchihaシ
Sasuke Uchihaシ 56 minutos atrás
0% Drugs 0% Nudity 0% Swearword 100% Pes 2017
Ari Rodriguez
Ari Rodriguez 58 minutos atrás
Recuenden mis palabras Dos de los nueve obipos van a traicionar a Dema Pero es una solo una teoría
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez Hora atrás
Escuchar esta canción me pone tan feliz ♡
The Ghost
The Ghost Hora atrás
I see this as a forecast, there will be many things that will happen in the future, but you'll be just fine, just don't believe the hype...
A n d r e e z l y
A n d r e e z l y Hora atrás
Ya saquen otra canción que está ya me la aprendí jajaja.
Ytallo Ferreira
Ytallo Ferreira Hora atrás
Provavelmente esse próximo álbum vai ser melhor do que o último, certeza 🔥
Susan Gray
Susan Gray Hora atrás
raccoondog 58
raccoondog 58 Hora atrás
Abdoulaye Gueye
Abdoulaye Gueye Hora atrás
SNACK Hora atrás
Jajajaja nomaaa es el Criss Martell
Carla Ibáñez
Carla Ibáñez Hora atrás
Ponerle play y sentir que una descarga de vida te llega al cuerpo. Gracias por tanto TOP 🥰
Jayflight Music & Covers
Jayflight Music & Covers Hora atrás
For some reason I keep thinking I could hear Wilbur Soot on this 😂😂 fr though, what a vibe of a song
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez Hora atrás
Cómo me tatuó esta canción
Sara Andres
Sara Andres Hora atrás
La canción perfecta no exis.. Llega Shy awey 💖💖🥺
Angel Thunderstorm
Angel Thunderstorm Hora atrás
Seeing Tyler with long hair gave me whiplash.
Juan David Mejía
Juan David Mejía Hora atrás
Aidan Hora atrás
I’m on the fence with this I’ll try again later
Lufe_Stark Hora atrás
same happened to me, it's definitely something that grows on you
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez Hora atrás
Ya casi tiene 12M de subs!
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez Hora atrás
Mi papá me dijo hoy: como ya tienes una obsesión con esa canción no? Pero luego dijo: no me importa me gusta y tiene buen ritmo siguela poniendo
Angel R.
Angel R. Hora atrás
Imaginate cuando salga el album XD
Fionn Larkin
Fionn Larkin Hora atrás
Its 3am right now but I dont care. I have to listen to this song again.
Maria Picado
Maria Picado Hora atrás
Adoroooooooooooooooooooooo, amoooooooooooo❤️🤧 Es preciosooo😻 Es divinooo😩 Es unicooooo👌💙Ψ
Brittany Hora atrás
Ckishu Hora atrás
ive been a fan since 2015 and i love how much the music has changed
markergames2325 Hora atrás
Bro that haircut is awesøme. Also this song is fire🤩
Matthew Palkovich
Matthew Palkovich Hora atrás
The jealous attack neurally fax because trouble moberly answer unlike a deeply rain. shocking, purring medicine
Yasmin Cherre
Yasmin Cherre Hora atrás
2021 sorpréndeme!! 2021* Twenty One Pilots saca nueva música y lo mejor de todo es q está buenísima
Butterfly Universe
Butterfly Universe Hora atrás
Dema don't control us, boys!
Rach Hora atrás
rewatching this now still gives me PTSD
Mayo Coria Luis Angel
Mayo Coria Luis Angel Hora atrás
7 millones de vistas ya y 6 mías.
CapalotFTK_ 22
CapalotFTK_ 22 Hora atrás
Long time nun hearing 🥲
gaelle vantaderia
gaelle vantaderia Hora atrás
emma je t’aime
Catherine Reynolds
Catherine Reynolds Hora atrás
What's the picture on the base trim?
NoahIsWise Hora atrás
I’m sorry Tyler idk how to feel abt the hair
Queenbee202 Rose
Queenbee202 Rose Hora atrás
Wow , this song is so amazing. The changes they made omg . At first I didn’t recognize Tyler , but when I see him in this music video wow . I feels so different .
Catherine Reynolds
Catherine Reynolds Hora atrás
Must watch, again!
sofia aleman sanchez
sofia aleman sanchez Hora atrás
sofia aleman sanchez
sofia aleman sanchez Hora atrás
Ortiz Vázquez Alexandra
Ortiz Vázquez Alexandra Hora atrás
Odio cuando termina la canción, enserio quiero escucharla todo el tiempo, es adictiva la amo me encanta
Nikolas E
Nikolas E Hora atrás
dionysus. Hora atrás
they look forced. its dema.
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez
Yunnuen Pérez Vázquez Hora atrás
Ya salió de tendencias en México :'(
• Aquarius Uzumaki •
• Aquarius Uzumaki • Hora atrás
Took me 5 years to realize this song was saying "I'm taking my time on my ride" and not "I'm taking my time on my life"
André Martin
André Martin Hora atrás
Such a great follow up to Level of Concern!
Caty Flores
Caty Flores Hora atrás
No puedo con tanta belleza
Rubí Velazquez
Rubí Velazquez Hora atrás
Esto no muy de twenty one pilots que digamos :(
Caty Flores
Caty Flores Hora atrás
No puedo con tanta belleza
Eric 27
Eric 27 Hora atrás
Why does the beginning sound like puzzle pieces by saints motel
PAT 19
PAT 19 Hora atrás
Que canción más aburrida XD
Crystal Le
Crystal Le Hora atrás
Jesse Arpellida
Jesse Arpellida 2 horas atrás
My new favorite Pokemon
Alex Harrison
Alex Harrison 2 horas atrás
twenty one pilots releases song after 1 year whole world: "don't you shy away"
SomeRandomClikkie 2 horas atrás
Scaled and icy = Clancy is dead Just for the people who hadn't seen it yet
Lufe_Stark Hora atrás
there's a d missing tho
More Jk
More Jk 2 horas atrás
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie 2 horas atrás
I love the space buns 🥺💗
güg 2 horas atrás
2:52 is that... slandarman?
coolchic 2 horas atrás
che tengo serio problema no la dejo de escuchar
Mariana Hernández
Mariana Hernández 2 horas atrás
Gracias Twenty one pilots,por está obra de arte.🛐
Katrina 2 horas atrás
Sounds retro. This is a great song btw 🙌.
wRodrigo 2 horas atrás
te volviste un circo para monos que siguen monos y yo no quiero ser parte del publico pero a veces me mata la curiosidad y quiero oir y siguen tan unicos como la primera vez que los escuche
Momo La Flex
Momo La Flex 2 horas atrás
Ta ta ta ta bu buen bu bu buen bu buena buan nana 🥵
craftyng 2 horas atrás
Esta bien buena panas :V XD
Allison Gargiulo
Allison Gargiulo 2 horas atrás
my theory is that tyler and josh are now being held captive by dema, and are supposed to make videos for them. blue is demas color, and the trident is their symbol, and both are seen in the video. the ripped masks means they want to stop hiding behind them, and want to rip the masks off, unlike their past actions in car radio and guns for hands. and i think in the space buns scenes where tyler is calling somebody, it means hes trying to contact anybody for help. but nobodys responding, and tyler is just trying to talk to someone. thats my view
Aydeé Reyes
Aydeé Reyes 2 horas atrás
l love You Tyler😪✋🏻
Nigolas elikkit
Nigolas elikkit 2 horas atrás
пиздец грустно в конце
•.:Unknown Nobody:.•
•.:Unknown Nobody:.• 2 horas atrás
Amazing as always
Cochayuyo 10
Cochayuyo 10 2 horas atrás
That bass it's so new order style
Amie Robinson
Amie Robinson 2 horas atrás
I love twenty one pilots 💛 💓
BioGas 2 horas atrás
They joined youtube the year i was born
Marina Dun
Marina Dun 2 horas atrás
Joshua Dun already pass me the pension for the child or I won't let you see it
Harlleii 2 horas atrás
is it just me, or there's someone saying something in 2:51 ?
Esmeralda Urbina Quevedo
Esmeralda Urbina Quevedo 2 horas atrás
Esa gente que le da dislaik, todo bien en casa?
Julian Gómez
Julian Gómez 2 horas atrás
3er dia y sigo aqui
Juan Rivarola
Juan Rivarola 2 horas atrás
i like it more every time i hear it ,and i heard it a lot...
Marcos Marcucci
Marcos Marcucci 2 horas atrás
I can’t get enough of this song help!